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Since 2019
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Environmentally-friendly Pipeline Technology

Purapipe is a multinational engineering company offering unique and patented composite pipelines for water transportation to a wide range of customers worldwide. The innovative smart transportation pipeline technology provides a safe, modern and environmentally-friendly way to transport water and energy, while delivering significant engineering, environmental and economic benefits.

Our Role

Since 2019 we have supported Purapipe with a range of requirements, from corporate document design, business stationery and email signature design, to the development of their corporate website. Rapid expansion necessitated an informative website conveying the Purapipe Pipeline technology’s unique features and benefits to potential investors. The website features a secure shareholder portal to keep up to date with internal company news. The Purapipe website has become a valuable tool in increasing both investments and brand awareness. AW Digital Design is currently the dedicated webmaster for Purapipe.

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